Rosemary + Sundried Tomato Focaccia Bread

Hi friends!

I haven’t made my focaccia bread in ages but you all motivated me to do it!  We were planning on going on a little picnic in the park (that I was in charge of) and I was so lazy to go to the store to buy a baguette.  I had about an hour and a half so I decided to whip up my usual recipe and try something new with the flavouring.

It turned out SO tasty that it didn’t even last 1 day so I knew I had to share it on here too :).

There is something so special about home baked bread to me.  Maybe the smell, or the fact that I can eat it warm…guys, there is no shame in my bread game! I am definitely not avoiding gluten so I use a white flour/whole wheat flour mix to keep it light but nutritious.  However, if you are, try this with a gluten-free blend and let me know how it goes! It will likely be more dense but still delicious.

Something you should omit though, is the extra salt on the top as it is very very necessary. It gives it so much flavour so don’t omit that but if you don’t have Rosemary or Sundried tomatoes, don’t fret, that’s okay too! I swear it will still be tasty from all the spices that are inside the dough.

Ways to use my focaccia bread:

  • Make a sandwich
  • Dip it with some olive oil and balsamic or olive tapenade
  • Roll it thinner like a flat bread and make a pizza on top
  • Serve it with some pasta to soak up the deliciousness and really go carb crazy one night!

The possibilities are really endless 😉 . I’d love to know how you like to use fresh made bread at home!

I’d love for you to try my recipe, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@balancingandie) so I can follow along :).  Click here to pin this recipe for future reference or subscribe to my blog to never miss a post!



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4 Replies to “Rosemary + Sundried Tomato Focaccia Bread”

  1. You make it sound so easy to make!! No excuse not to try it now! 🙂

    1. Andrea (Administrator) says: Reply

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! I make a lot of pizza dough so it gets easier with time I’d say haha 🙂

  2. How big are your rounds in the picture, and how is the crumb of this? Is it airy (holes, like a sourdough bread), and chewy with pull or more like a soft bread? Thanks.

    1. Hi Dee, The two rounds take up one standard sized baking tray so I would say 8 inches across approximately. I would say it’s more like regular bread vs. airy sourdough.

      Thanks, Andie

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