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Hi friends!

I got my Pranamat in July, 2017 so I have been using it almost daily for over two months now (not including my 2-week jaunt to Europe) so I thought I’d share my thoughts since I have gotten many questions about my new prickly toy!

So a little bit about the benefits of Pranamat from their website:

  • Increase your sense of well being
  • Relieve minor back and neck pain
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Boost energy, quickly and easily
  • Increase skin’s elasticity

The Pranamat is made with natural, environmentally-friendly materials.

  • HIPS plastic — a hypoallergenic material that is certified for use in surgical equipment.
  • NATURAL linen — safe for both you and the environment.
  • REAL cotton — completely natural, without any artificial dyes or chemicals.
  • NATURAL coconut fiber — provides all-natural cushion and support.

Now, here’s my experience!

Honest Pranamat Eco Review. Therapeutic mat that can help with back pain and stress in the shoulders and throughout your body.


This was SO fast.  It was delivered within a few days – if that doesn’t deserve bonus points, I don’t know what does! I’ve heard that some people are charged duties when shopping from their site so definitely be aware of that but you can order from Amazon instead by clicking here.

The first few days…

I don’t know what I imagined when I first saw this a few months ago but I thought it would be prickly like a cactus.  I was pleasantly surprised that although it was sharp, it wasn’t about to penetrate my skin and make me bleed (dramatic I know).

I happily laid down on it carefully but did so with a shirt on.  It felt good! The pressure was great and it allowed me to sit still and concentrate on my breathing.  I have a hard time being present so this was a great way to relax at the end of the day.

Honest Pranamat Eco Review. Therapeutic mat that can help with back pain and stress in the shoulders and throughout your body.

Later on…

I then decided to up it up a notch and try this bare backed so I started doing this daily right before bed.  I would listen to music, meditate, sometimes scroll through my phone (bad – I know) or focus on some deep breathing and let me tell you, this mat is not a joke!

When I first laid down, I was like WOAH! And had to get up and readjust or take a break.  The fear in my head was making my body tense so I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt/pinch a bit but the feeling is AMAZING once you know what to expect and can relax a bit.  Now, when I lay down on my mat, within a few seconds, I feel my back getting warm and I instantly feel more relaxed.  After I tried this barebacked a few times, I couldn’t go back to wearing a shirt with it because it just feels way better and is more effective barebacked.

I wanted to incorporate this into a daily thing to really see if it could help me so I started doing this daily before bed. I would turn on my salt lamp, get some tunes going and stay on the mat for about 10 minutes or more depending on my body that day.  When I was ready to get off, I would instantly be so relaxed and ready to fall asleep! I don’t know how it does it but it’s very relaxing.

I work a desk job so I get neck, shoulder pain/tightness because (like a lot of desk jobs) I don’t really move around as much as I should.  I do go to the gym at lunch to break up my day but that’s about it.  Because of this tightness, I’d usually go to a registered massage therapist to alleviate some of this pain but they are not cheap! In Vancouver, it’s not uncommon to pay $120/50 minute session and my medical coverage will only cover a portion of that up to a certain amount (like 4 sessions a year).  By doing this daily, I don’t feel  super tight like I used to or feel the need to go to an RMT.  The savings of not going to the RMT are worth it alone!  Note: Obviously, I do not recommend solely using the mat if you are rehabilitating from an injury and using an RMT to assist with your recovery but for the average person like me with just stiffness issues, this mat has done wonders.

The Verdict… 

Try the mat from Amazon! Personally, I didn’t really enjoy the pillow so if you’re going to invest and have limited resources, I’d go for just the mat. You can’t always go get a massage but this is an amazing tool you can do daily for just a few minutes a day that will help you feel better by decreasing the tension in your back, shoulders and neck, which is where A LOT of people keep their tension as we are hunching at our desks, hunching over our phones, stressed out and keeping our shoulders up etc.  Physical benefits aside, this mat has given me the 10 minutes a day to focus on myself and really be present, which I find tough because I’m always a go-go kind of person.

Have a mat? I’d love to know your thoughts on your Pranamat! 

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4 Replies to “Pranamat Eco Review”

  1. Overall the whole review itself is extremely helpful! However, I definitely liked how you mentioned lying down on it first with a shirt (out of fear of not knowing what to expect). If I attempted lying down first without a shirt and felt the pinching, it might’ve turned me off from the product. Great review and fingers crossed I win the Instagram Giveaway! I have subtle back pain and trouble sleeping occasionally, so I feel this is a good holistic approach to try for my situation.

  2. I enjoyed the whole review. It opened my eyes to a product that I wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise. I was happy to see that it can help with some neck and back pain! I’ve had neck and back pain for years and would love to try this out! Fingers crossed for the giveaway!!!

  3. Hey Andie! Very insightful review.. I keep seeing these around but was never sure what it would do for me. I love that you mention that it helps with neck and upper back pain, cause thats defffinitely where i have my tightness. Anyway, thanks for the review and for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!! #pinning!

  4. Such a relief to know that you can ease into it. That was my biggest concern as a nervous anxious Lil Bebe.

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