My Self Love Intentions for 2019

Hi friends!

2018 was without a doubt one of the toughest years of my life – mentally. Never have I felt so low, for so long. I had a lot going on in my corporate career and at home all meanwhile I was going to school so at times it made me quite a miserable person.  At times I lost my passion for fitness and fell off the wagon but that’s what I needed in the space of life I was in. You can’t really compare apples to apples here but when something traumatic happens, you start your healing journey the next day or hopefully shortly thereafter.  With the way part of the year went for me, it’s like I was stuck in this pit without direction or a rope to get out. Spoiler alert: I did get out! Life is all about perseverance and I’m sure my struggles are nothing compared to what someone else may  have gone through but I’m just sharing a piece of my heart with all of you! Having said all that, I am beyond grateful that my family & friends & I are healthy because truly health is always #1 in my books.

Using my Pranamat to meditate on

I always like to do reflection posts on my birthday or at the start of a new year. That doesn’t mean I don’t reflect the rest of the year but it’s nice to take these bigger milestones and write my thoughts down in detail. Plus, it’s always fun looking back and re-reading where I was at.  You can read this year’s Birthday post “Cheers to Being 27 Years Young!” by clicking here or the post I wrote about 2018 “10 Things I’m Vowing to Give up This Year” by clicking here – I definitely succeeded with a lot of these. I don’t think it’s easy to “master” but it more so comes with practice & building confidence. To me, self love is so much more than just face masks and bubble baths. It’s more about honouring my body and treating myself with respect.

So without further rambling, here are my self love intentions for 2019.  I want to…

  • Give LESS sh*ts about stuff that does not matter & give MORE sh*ts about stuff that does. Unfortunately, I can be a perfectionist in many areas of my life and although I don’t mind that in most respects, sometimes I just need to let the little things go in order to make room for big things!
  • Get CLEAR on what I want. I truly believe in the power of manifesting but in order to manifest what you want, you need to know what that is.  Currently, I feel a pull from SO many different directions so I want to give myself the time to explore and get clear on my vision for my life in the next year & perhaps even a 3 & 5 year plan.
  • Start investing in myself. I want to change my mindset around money. For example: instead of thinking, oh gosh, that course is so expensive, I can just go on YouTube and learn myself…the truth of the matter is, I haven’t gone on YouTube to learn whatever I need to or taken the local class I said I would take so maybe investing in a course would keep me accountable and get me to my goals faster is worth it. Taking 3x the amount of time it would take you to learn on your own vs. getting it done and moving forward with your goals might be a better investment depending on circumstances of course. As they say…

You have to Spend Money to Make Money! 

  • Communicate clearly. If a person/opportunity/something else isn’t a “HECK YES”, then it just needs to be a NO.  Our energy is precious and by not following our intuition and that little voice that isn’t over the moon about something, we are doing a disservice to ourselves. There are only 24 hours in a day so fill those with things that light you the heck up! When we continue to say yes to things that don’t serve us, it doesn’t open the door for even more amazing things to walk through. Countless times I have thought I was “giving up” an opportunity because it didn’t feel right to only have one that is 100x better present itself into my life.
  • Create clearer boundaries. Better boundaries for other people and better boundaries for myself.  The people that I respect so much are confident as hell and are the ones that have clear boundaries in how they are willing to be treated. Boundaries are so important so you don’t feel taken advantage of. Often times people blame external people for how they feel but really we are all responsible to create our boundaries.
  • Be selfish with my time & what & who I choose to spend it on. If it doesn’t lift me up, I don’t “HAVE” to do it like we tell ourselves we do. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and I really want to zero in on things, activities and people who bring me joy only.

That’s all for now friends! Wishing you THE BEST YEAR ahead full of health & happiness. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for us! 2019 can be the year we decide to go for it, the year we reach for our dreams and not let anything stand in the way. Love you all!

My Self Love Intentions for 2019
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