Creamy Vegan Matcha Smoothie

Hi friends!

You guys, I just got a VITAMIX! It’s like every food blogger’s dream/necessity. So I just had to share a smoothie recipe with all of you because naturally that is the first thing I made with it 🙂 . It’s a huge game changer and makes smoothies so creamy.  I couldn’t be happier so if you’re in the market for a new blender, definitely worth the investment in my opinion and they have a great warranty.

I hope you enjoy this matcha smoothie, it’s the perfect way to wake up in the morning with a little caffeine boost, and a little fat from the avocado to make you full and not grab that blueberry muffin en route to work!

Everyone needs to do their own research and see what works for their body but I love matcha.  I bought my matcha powder from Amazon from a company called Kiss Me Organics and I love it so far! You can click here to purchase it.  They source their tea from a region recognized by the United Nations as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Shizuoka, Japan.

Some of it’s benefits often boasted about include:

  1. High in Antioxidants (yay!) – we all know this word and that we should be getting more of them ;).
  2. Green tea contains EGCg (Epigallocatechin Gallate), which is recognized for it’s cancer fighting properties and blood sugar regulation.
  3. Caffeine – without the jittery feeling coffee can give some people.
  4. Natural fat burner – it can increase your metabolism, thus burning more calories.
  5. Increased energy, alertness & memory.

I’d love for you to try my recipe, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@balancingandie) so I can follow along :).  Click here to pin this recipe for future reference or subscribe to my blog to never miss a post!



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