Cleansing Vegan Beetroot Smoothie

Hi friends!

This year I’ve been on a craze of adding vegetables to my smoothies and seeing how far I can push it with flavours! One of my favourite discoveries was beets! Not only do they give a beautiful pink colour to your smoothie but they are full of Fiber, Vitamin C (which is perfect anytime but especially in the colder months), B6 (which helps support adrenal function) and essential vitamins like Iron and Magnesium, to name a few!  Beets also contain nutrients that assist the liver in its detoxification process.  These all sound like great reasons to incorporate beets to me!

Not that I have kids… but smoothies are a great way to put vegetables in your child’s diet (sneak them in there) and what kid doesn’t want a bright pink smoothie – right? I always try to keep the ratio of vegetables to fruit half and half or less vegetables.  Too many veggies can make your smoothie taste “pulpy” and will be a giveaway.  I find that generally frozen fruit and vegetables generally work better texture-wise than fresh.

I personally like to boil, bake or steam my beets first and then cut them up and freeze them to use in my smoothies rather than raw for maximum absorption but if you’re short on time, or don’t want to boil just 1 beet, go ahead and use a raw beet!

Note – I also use some chia pudding in here.  If you’d like the recipe for that, please use the search bar for my Blueberry Collagen Yogurt Parfait recipe or by clicking here.

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