5 Fitness Apps to Try for Free Right Now

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The world is going through a huge shift right now and life as we know it has been changed. Perhaps forever, perhaps for the next few months only. At this point, no one knows how long physical distancing and other measures put in place to slow the spread of Covid-19 will last. This post is not about the virus itself but if you need more information, I’d suggest looking at credible sources like the Government of Canada website and not random fear mongering websites.

As many of you know, I’m passionate about exercising and did it frequently before mid-March when we were all asked to work from home if we could and limit how much interaction we had with others. Since then, I’ve been trying various ways to be fit indoors and let me tell you, it is hard! Not only is the lack of equipment and space an issue but of course motivation of doing it alone. There’s a reason why I was going to F45 religiously before the lock down. It got me out the door in the morning, exercising with members who became friends and before I knew it, the class was done and I was able to get on with the rest of my day. I wish I could still be out exercising the same way but we all need to make the best of the situation! Since most of us are now home more often, we can’t use the excuse of not having time to exercise. There is no time like the present to find something you love to do! That’s why I wanted to compile a list of workout programs you too can experiment with and do a free trial before deciding on what it is that you enjoy most and perhaps finding something you can stick with it. It’s all about routine when sticking to an exercise routine but don’t forget, you need to enjoy it too! Fitness should challenge you but not be a chore or something you dread doing every day. Please note this information is provided as of April 2020 and may have changed since publishing this article. P.s. this post is not sponsored in any way and none of the links are affiliate links. I just wanted to share the love during this time with all of you!

  1. PELOTON: Is an app for more than just spin classes (this is news to me too!). They also offer classes focusing on strength, cardio, yoga, treadmill etc. I’m SUPER excited for this one. The quality of the app is amazing. You can do LIVE classes with instructors or pre-recorded ones. Best of both worlds. Currently they’re offering a 90 day free trial – credit card information is required. Usually $12.99/month.
  2. Down Dog: A company with various apps being offered completely free due to COVID-19 until May 1, 2020 for everyone (longer for school/health workers): Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout. I’ve personally downloaded both yoga apps “Down Dog” & “Yoga for Beginners” and their app is so easy to use. You can pick length of time, music and even the instructor voice. No credit card required to begin! Normally the app is free to download but there is a pro version for $7.99/month.
  3. SWEAT: Created by Kayla Itsines featuring her infamous “BBG” workouts plus giving you access to 4 other trainer’s (Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Steph Sanzo and Sjana Elise) various workout programs ranging from postpartum training to bodybuilding to yoga. I’ve done multiple rounds of Kayla’s BBG program back when she had PDF print outs and no app so I can confirm it is tough but gets you stronger! 7 day trial available – credit card information is required. App is $19.99/month.
  4. TONE IT UP: Created by Karena & Katrina, offering on demand workouts specializing in HIIT, weight training, yoga, barre etc. I love the variety on this app to ensure you never get bored. The app is free until April 22, 2020 or otherwise $14.99/month.
  5. Nike Run Club: Personally, I’m not a runner because I just get bored and need a buddy but for those of you looking to hit the pavement, this app tracks your run with things such as distance, location, elevation etc. The best part? It’s free!

I hope you found this post helpful and hopefully it inspires you to get your fitness going at home! Stay safe and well friends.

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