Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

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So this post is a little long over due… I visited Portland, Oregon this past August and it was my 3rd time there! Portland is a place I come back to over and over.  It’s about 6 hours from Vancouver and there’s just something about the vibe, everyone is relaxed, the restaurants are healthy with a healthy side of doughnuts, tax free shopping AND not to mention a beautiful coastline.

My mom has a lot of dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, soy & corn free) and she was able to eat at so many of the places we visited. She was in heaven and actually said “I don’t think I’ve eaten this much in my life”. I was so happy for her to have options when usually her options are a salad without dressing or something else plain and bland. Harlow was one of our go to spots. They are amazing in that with all of their bowls, they have the option of eggs, jackfruit or tempeh! So really something for everyone. Plus they have a book full of allergens, which really makes it inviting for people like my mom to ask questions.

I hope you get to visit Portland soon, it really has a charm like no other!

Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon!
Pip’s Donuts

Here’s a list of some of my must see spots (ps. I didn’t do this all in one trip):

Doughnuts/Ice Cream:

  1. Pips Original Doughnuts and Chai
  2. Voodoo Donuts
  3. Blue Star Donuts
  4. Salt & Straw

What to Eat in Portland, Oregon. Vegan & GF options

Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner Spots:

  1. Harlow (Vegan cafe with egg options)
  2. Prasad (Vegan cafe with egg options)
  3. Screen Door Restaurant (get the fried chicken & waffles)
  4. Mothers Bistro – Favourite Brunch
  5. Off the Griddle – (Vegan cafe with egg options)
  6. Virtuous Pie – (Vegan Pizza with GF available)
  7. Shut up and eat – They have amazing sandwiches…not healthy but delicious!
  8. Blossoming Lotus
  9. Garden Bar
  10. Fern Kitchen
  11. Sivalai (Thai)
  12. Poke Mon (Thai)
  13. Thai Peacock (Thai)
  14. Pok Pok (Thai)
  15. Por que no portland (Mexican)
  16. Nimble Fish – Freshest Sushi – sit at the bar and watch the chef for a fun experience!
What to Eat in Portland, Oregon. Vegan & GF options
Feasting at Harlow, Portland.

Coffees & Smoothies/Juice (all with Vegan options):

  1. Coava Coffee Roasters
  2. Heart Coffee
  3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  4. Kure – juice and smoothies
  5. Moberi – juice and smoothies
  6. Tea Bar – matcha & boba
  7. Carioca Bowls – Have Acai Bowls
What to Eat in Portland, Oregon. Vegan & GF options
Smoothie from Kure


  1. Deschutes Brewery – great patio & beer selection.
  2. Victoria Bar – amazing ambiance and delicious drinks
  3. Bagdad Theatre – great patio

This post isn’t about what to do but if you can, I’d highly suggest heading down to Cannon Beach for the day. It’s unlike any beach I’ve been to. The sand is so soft and it is just so beautiful!

If you’re going to Portland soon, have the best time & eat a donut for me. Maybe, I’ll keep updating this list periodically :).

Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon


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