Top 10 Amsterdam Recommendations for the Average Foodie

Hi friends!

I recently visited London, Paris and Amsterdam during a 2 week vacation and since I got lots of requests from people who were visiting soon, I decided to compile a post of my recommendations that you guys can refer to!  Amsterdam was one of my favourite cities in the world and the best place to go last after eating a few too many pastries in the other two cities ;). My body was SO ready for a little detox, you have no idea.

Before I get to my foodie recommendations, I want to recommend that you book the Anne Frank House NOW! I’m not kidding…They release tickets two months in advance.  I went to check out their website and they had lots of space and then I went to book it a week later and they were sold out…like every single time slot. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch nothing was left!  We then realized our flight wasn’t leaving until 2:55 p.m. so decided to go at 8:30 in the morning so we wouldn’t miss out on this experience.

I am so not a museum person, they are so boring and I can’t understand why people take photos of everything but I enjoyed it 100%!  There is so much emotion in that house and no pictures allowed so it’s a super somber experience and really gives you a reality check for all our first world problems.

Okay now to the food – duh, which is why you wanted to read this in the first place.  These are in no particular order but places that I loved & visited once (sometimes twice 🙂 ):

  1. Juice Brothers – I had the matcha protein smoothie (vegan) and tried their vegan ice cream, which was so creamy!
  2. C.T. Coffee and Coconuts – I had the ‘Full CT Breakfast’ along with a latte with coconut milk.  Best latte I’ve ever had, the milk is SO fresh and tasty.  The breakfast includes buckwheat and almond pancakes with coconut cream, fresh fruit, avocado toast with scrambled eggs and granola and yogurt. This was the perfect breakfast since we got to try a bit of everything. Pro tip: ask for coconut yogurt in the granola or else you will get regular dairy yogurt.
  3. Jack’s Juice and Kitchen – I had the matcha protein smoothie with vegan protein (not sweet at all).  The boyfriend had the Avochoco smoothie which was sweeter and delicious.  They also have juices and vegan options.
  4. La Perla Pizza – This is an Italian style pizzeria that uses buffalo mozzarella and a wood oven.  My body can digest buffalo cheese but not cow dairy so I was okay.  If you’re vegan, remove the cheese and it will still be delicious. Reservations Recommended  – We got the last table, all others were reserved.
  5. Koffee Spot – I got the ‘King’s Juice’ with apple, carrot and ginger.  Made fresh right in front of me and one of the best and freshest juices I’ve ever had!
  6. Jacketz – It’s a baked potato shop that has 2 locations.  Kind of like the ‘Subway’ for potatoes.  You choose a half potato or full potato, your filling, toppings and any sauce.  They have vegan and gluten free options.  I got the half jacket with green curry sauce and skipped the toppings and sauce.  When it came out, it also had some greens and was DELICIOUS!! Awesome for a fast cheap eat.  My only regret is having dinner plans and not being able to get my own full potato!
  7. Hummus Bistro – Great little medditeranean restaurant.  We ordered the chicken hummus, falafels, roasted eggplant and malabi for dessert without the peanuts which is like a rose flavoured dairy free custard dessert.  Reservations Recommended – they were a full house!
  8. Bakers and Roasters – Breakfast place that does breaky New Zealand style.  Very delicious and very busy.  We waited about 30 minutes for a table. They are vegan friendly.
  9. Kinnaree – Thai restaurant with delicious food! We got the chick spring rolls, chicken in Thai basil sauce, pad thai and a side of fried rice. Very spicy and tasty for when you need a break your regular fare.
  10. Bagels and Beans – Little Bagel sandwich shop with lots of seating indoors and out.  They have gluten-free options and vegan cream cheese even.  I got the BLT bagel that came with toasted pine nuts and a soy latte.

There you have it friends! Hope you get a chance to try some of these and let me know how they were.  Feel free to click here to pin this post or subscribe to my email list to never miss a post again 🙂 .



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