Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Dairy-free)

Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Grain-free & Dairy-free)

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I love Summer as much as the next gal but the forest fires have been insane here, making the majority of August not that enjoyable.  So now it’s September & I’m excited for some more rain, clean crisp air and I could not be more excited for all the Fall baking that is about to come your way!

Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Dairy-free)

First up, I wanted to experiment with sweet potato! Why? Well why not plus…they are naturally delicious and sweet. I just knew the baking would be so light and fluffy! Sweet potatoes, along with pumpkin and squash, are the epitome of Fall and pair well with flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice etc.

Not to mention how nutritious they are. 1 medium cooked sweet potato contains more than 400% of your daily value (DV) of Vitamin A, 37% DV of Vitamin C, 28% DV of Manganese, 16% DV of Vitamin B6.  [Source: https://draxe.com/sweet-potato-nutrition-facts-benefits/]

Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Dairy-free)

I baked and peeled a bunch of sweet potatoes for this recipe but you can get canned sweet potato if you’d like. Alternatively, cube the potato into large chunks and boil it until tender.  Once cooled, using a blender & my other wet ingredients, I blended it up. If you’re a pro masher or using the canned variety without chunks, you can just mix in a bowl.

Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Dairy-free)

I can’t wait to see you try this recipe! Please tag me @balancingandie on all socials. I LOVE seeing your creations.  To never miss a post again, you can subscribe to my blog on your right hand panel and receive a freebie too!

Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Pancakes (Dairy-free)

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  1. These are delicious. I used canned sweet potatoes and cut back on the coconut sugar.. I needed plenty of Pam to keep them from sticking. Doubled the recipe and made waffles at the same time. Heaven!!! Thanks

    1. Thanks for the review Janice! I haven’t tried waffles with this recipe but now I must. YUM!

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