Are you looking for nutritional support? Someone to guide you to your best self? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I work to balance your body whole-istically.  That means we will look at ALL aspects of your life to come up with a plan that is sustainable and customized for you. There is SO much information on the internet these days, all at your finger tips but trying to decipher between what is right for you can be a challenge. I don’t believe that there is only one way of doing anything so your wellness plan should be personalized to you too!  I want to give you the tools to be successful, yet provide ongoing support and services as needed, to keep you on your wellness path.

Together we can work on various areas of concern such as hormone health, sustainable weight loss plans, mental wellness, food allergies and sensitivities and many other areas! As a team, we will create an optimal nutrition protocol catering toward your specific needs.

1. The Quickie (phone call) – $0

Want to know if I can help you or just get each other’s vibe before diving into my services? Your first 15 minute introduction phone call is free! No obligations, no spam. Any relationship is a two-way street and I want us to be a good fit for each other.

2. Let’s get to know each other package – $215:
(Virtual or Greater Vancouver area)

Initial 1-on-1 consultation (60 minutes) – We will get to know each other during the initial consultation.  I will learn about your needs, health history, lifestyle, likes and dislikes and how I can best support you. This can be done virtually via Skype or telephone or in person in the Greater Vancouver area.

Follow up (30 minute phone or video call) – Then, within 7 days, I will come up with a personalized plan of dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to fit your lifestyle and provide you with a written protocol to implement. I can also provide you with recipes to help you implement my recommendations taking into consideration your nutritional requirements. We will discuss the protocol and answer any questions you may have during this follow up.

3. Ongoing Support (via phone or video call): Our bodies take time to adapt, grow and heal. Here we will track your progress, talk about how my recommendations are going and revise as necessary, plus address any other matters you’d like to address as we continue to work together.

30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $100

4. Add ons:

Need the structure of a meal plan? I offer 2 week (10) day meal plans starting at $60 depending on the complexity and how many recipes you require etc.  Please inquire for a quote. This service is only provided as an add-on to my consulting services.

PSTTT! Are you local to Vancouver (& surrounding areas) and need more in person support?

I also offer:

  • Grocery store visits (where we go to your local grocery store and go over what to buy, where you can find it, how to read and understand labels and anything else you need help with)
  • Meal prepping lessons – want to batch cook but find it overwhelming? We will go over proper food handling, refrigeration techniques to avoid spoilage and I will help you learn how to make meals for your week!
  • Corporate events, panel talks etc.

All ongoing clients will have unlimited email and text support from me in between sessions because I want to help you succeed!

For more information, to request a custom quote or to request an appointment, please email me at


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