Quick and Easy Spicy Thai Tuna Meatballs

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Often times when we think of meatballs, we automatically think of meat but seafood meatballs are just as delicious and a sustainable, versatile and tasty pescatarian option! That’s why I’m excited to partner with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a global non-profit organization, to celebrate National Seafood Month by bringing you this recipe for Quick and Easy Spicy Thai Tuna Meatballs. Please note that this post is sponsored by MSC, but as always, all opinions expressed, original recipe and pictures are my own.

You’ve likely seen the blue fish MSC label at your local grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, or Loblaw brands in Canada but what exactly does the certification mean? Well… it’s ONLY applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that are certified to MSC’s fisheries standard based on science. Fisheries are then audited annually to ensure they maintain these standards. MSC works to protect the entire ecosystem not just one particular species. I think that this is amazing because more and more people are becoming conscious of their food choices and looking for sustainable ways to feed their families and by looking for and buying fish and seafood products with this certification, you’re also doing your part to prevent overfishing and preserve our last major food source that is truly wild! Plus, since MSC makes it super easy to distinguish the MSC blue fish label, it’s easy for all of us to make a choice when out shopping that supports accountability, responsibility and clear labeling standards by all companies that offer fish and seafood products.

The MSC works with fisheries, grocery stores, restaurants, and other companies to change the way the oceans are fished and make it simple and easy to purchase sustainable, traceable and wild seafood. To learn more about how to trace your fish, sustainability and doing your part, you can visit MSC’s website by clicking here. There are numerous products with this certification so you can continue experimenting with different fish and seafood options at an affordable price regardless if you prefer fresh, frozen or canned varieties.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’m a huge proponent of including a variety of fish and seafood in my diet each and every week because it’s a great source of protein, Vitamin D and Omega 3s. I try to get as much Omega 3s fats into my diet as possible because they are anti-inflammatory, can support brain, cardiovascular and cell function and may even improve your mood! In North America, most of us consume way more Omega 6 than Omega 3 meanwhile the ideal ratio is 4:1. A great way to increase your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio is to eat fish or seafood at least 1-2 times a week. If you’re new to seafood or fish, I’d recommend experimenting with halibut, salmon, shrimp or cod, which all have more mild flavour profiles.

I wanted to make this recipe super flavourful so I packed it with beautifully fragrant Thai spices from the curry paste such as lemongrass, coriander, chilis and other delicious flavours from fish sauce and shrimp paste. This will not be a boring recipe for your family, that’s for sure! I always like my dishes well spiced but as always, feel free to substitute, omit or tone down spices if you’d like a more mild tuna meatball or if there is a particular spice you don’t like or can’t have. In this recipe, I used tuna but you can definitely use canned salmon with the same ratio and experiment with different flavours too!

Here, I chose to highlight the recipe by pairing the tuna meatballs with gluten-free spaghetti with tomato sauce and vegetables but feel free to serve these meatballs as an appetizer, use as a protein to your favourite sandwich or even as is with some sauteed vegetables. If you’d like to make the tuna meatballs gluten-free, instead of omitting panko breadcrumbs, I’d suggest buying gluten-free breadcrumbs or making your own by pulsing any gluten-free dry crackers or chips in a food processor until finely ground. Otherwise, the recipe is naturally gluten-free!

I can’t wait for you to try this recipe! It just makes my day when you all reach out! Please tag me on Instagram & socials @balancingandie and @MSCbluefish on Instagram so we can see your lovely creations and please visit MSC to learn more about how you can make a better choice when buying seafood and fish for you, your family and the future of our oceans! #FeelGoodSeafood #NationalSeafoodMonth #MSCbluefish

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