Paleo Tuna Cakes

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I’ve been making these for meal prep for many years now and I guess it’s finally time to share this with you! These are so easy and I use them when I’m out of ideas and just want to make something quick or because they keep so well all week in the fridge, I make them as part of my meal prep like I did below.

You only need canned flaked white tuna, an egg, some spices, a binder & viola! Lightly pan fry in a pan and you’re ready to use these as a burger patty or on their own.

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Paleo Tuna Cakes

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Servings: 7-8 tuna cakes depending on size

Paleo Tuna Cakes


  • 2 cans flaked white tuna (drained) - approx 170g tins
  • 2 tsp dijon mustard
  • 3/4 cup almond flour (or panko breadcrumbs)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper (or to taste)
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • chili flakes or siracha to taste (optional)
  • 2 tbsp avocado oil (for frying)


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl (minus avocado oil or oil of your choice to be used for frying). Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Form into burger patty shapes. Depending on how well you drained the tuna, some excess water will come out. Drain this so the burgers are packed firmly and don't fall apart.
  3. Heat oil in non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.
  4. Fry for about 3-4 minutes per side until heated through. (May have to do in batches depending on the size of your pan).
  5. Serve warm and refrigerate any excess for up to 5 days.


I end up squeezing a lot of water out when forming the patties but like to have some flavour from lemon etc. You can also add extra almond flour to soak up the liquid.

Using almond flour (ground almonds) instead of breadcrumbs make this paleo. You can also use regular breadcrumbs or panko.

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