Grain Free Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Hi friends,

We’re almost in December and I’m in holiday baking mode! Almost more so this year because 1) we aren’t really supposed to be leaving the house thanks to rising COVID-19 numbers; and 2) is there anything else better to do haha? Staying in has really made me realize all the festivities I took for granted like Christmas parties, having dinner with friends and family, Christmas events in the city etc. However, every year I’m always overwhelmed with my to-do list so I GUESS a slow Christmas season isn’t doing any harm!!

Chocolate & Peppermint is one of my FAVOURITE holiday combinations. It just tastes so fresh and a good balance between flavours. If it’s not your thing, you can always omit the peppermint extract & candy cane topping and viola! Just a delicious cookie. These cookies are super soft, dairy-free, gluten and grain free since I used almond flour and coconut flour. Note: most commercial baking powders contain cornstarch so if you want a truly grain free recipe, make sure to get one without corn starch in the ingredient list. I get mine in the natural section of my local store.

Funnily enough, I meant to photograph this recipe for you but the first time I made it, we ate the entire batch before I had a chance to do so…so I knew I definitely had to share this recipe 🙂 It’s THAT good.

After baking, I added a crushed candy cane topping for some extra crunch but it’s 100% optional and mostly just cute to look at. If you’re like me and like to reheat your cookies, I would avoid the candy cane topping. A warm cookie with some almond milk is just the best treat! To reheat the cookies, I would throw them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

P.s. if you’re looking for a cooling rack, I really like the ones from Wilton Industries. They are stable and not flimsy like some I’ve tried. You can check the ones I have out by clicking here.

These cookies can be frozen for a few months in an airtight container (avoid that burnt freezer taste). Just make sure to thaw them overnight before enjoying.

I hope you love this recipe as much as me! Please remember to tag me in your creations on social @balancingandie. I just love seeing your photos.

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