Bali 2 week getaway (Destinations: Sanur, Ubud, Seminyak)

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I wanted to share a compilation of my favourite things to do while in Bali (in no particular order).  We had such a good time when we went in August 2016.  The country is full of culture, delicious food and breathtaking sites.  It was the perfect mix of adventure/relaxing in my opinion!  If you are a gecko-phob I would not recommend it but if you can get past that! It’s amazing.

  1. Mt. Batur Hike – We were picked up in Ubud and got to see the sunrise.   The view from the top was absolutely stunning! The trek was about 2 hours from the base.  I’d recommend bringing your own flashlight as it’s pitch black and the one we were supplied with by our guide was not the greatest. This shouldn’t be your first hike ever and if you are moderately active, you’ll be fine if you wear proper shoes.  The top gets really chilly so make sure you bring a sweater!
  2. Karsa Spa (Ubud) – Accessible by car or if you like to walk everywhere like we do, do the Campughan Ridge Walk (approx 2 km), which leads you to the spa.  It was an absolute oasis.  We both received the Reiki treatment for 1.5 hours in an outdoor hut.  I wish we had found out about this sooner as we would have returned again during our trip.  Ensure you book ahead as they are very popular to avoid disappointment.
  3. Paon Cooking school (Ubud) – I cannot say enough good things about this place.  They take you on a tour through Ubud market and talk about all the ingredients the Balinese people use.  You then are welcomed into the owner’s home where the cooking class takes place.  They were so accommodating to allergies and dietary restrictions.  Must do if you like to cook or eat or both 🙂 !
  4. Nalu Bowl – This was a healthy and nutritious lunch for us on more than 1 occasion.  These bowls are the perfect pick me up in the hot weather of Bali! They have various locations but we visited in Ubud and Seminyak.
  5. Surfing at Santai Surf School (Seminyak) – I personally didn’t do this since I’m not a huge fan of water but my boyfriend had an awesome lesson here & actually stood up almost right away! The instructor went over safety and stayed with him the entire time instead of just letting him go with the board on his own.
  6. Sisterfields (Seminyak) – Delicious breakfast/lunch fair.  I absolutely loved their smoothies and it was a good break from all the Balinese food we were consuming (very Western).
  7. Yoga at the Yoga Barn & lunch @ Kafe (Ubud) – (no picture below) – We took the beginner class and it was great for all levels. You are in a hut with fans blowing and so unlike home that we loved the experience.  The resident “Kafe” carries delicious food.  Try the samosas – those were my favourite!

We didn’t visit the Gilli islands on our trip this time but we’ve heard great things!  I get sea sick easily and got anxious just reading up on everyone’s reviews about how rough the boat ride is.  If you are more brave then yours truly, then that would be something to add to this list.  No motorized vehicles are allowed and I can just imagine how amazing that would be.

Bali is a large area to cover in Indonesia so pick a few areas and don’t forget to enjoy your trip. Click here to save this post for future reference or subscribe to my blog to never miss a post!




Here are a few pictures from our trip 🙂 .

#1. Mt. Batur sunrise
#2. Karsa Spa
#3. Paon Cooking Class
#4. Nalu Bowl


#5. Santai Surf School
#6. Sisterfields Cafe


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