Apple Pie Spiced Oatmeal

Hi friends!

September followed by October always marks a time of change, where the leaves start changing colours, kids are back in school and the days are noticeably shorter, cooler and more wet here in Vancouver, Canada. Although I love summer, there’s nothing more that I love than a cozy bowl of soup, oatmeal or a hot tea.

I know everyone is crazy over pumpkin spice and so am I but I’m still a fan of apples and the cozy nostalgic feelings I get when I smell the cinnamon-y sweetness in my home. Am I alone on this? It’s such a classic taste that can be adapted to your tastebuds.  It’s good without the toppings but I LOVE topping my oatmeal with all the goodies.

One of my favourite toppings is manuka honey from Wedderspoon! It is SO creamy and delicious.  I like to drizzle it last to avoid heating it and keeping the integrity of raw honey in tact.  Wedderspoon is an an amazing company with non-gmo products, which is perfect because October is non-gmo month!

I hope you enjoy this twist to your classic oatmeal breakfast! Feel free to add more sweetness, toppings or whatever you’d like! I always think you should adapt to your own taste buds.  I love toppings because they give a nice crunchy texture that oatmeal generally lacks.  Here I used goji berries, caco nibs, coconut shreds, nut butter and a little extra sprinkle of chia seeds.

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