Hi friends!

Thank you for visiting! I’m Andrea from Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m a corporate office worker by day and a food/fitness fanatic by night.  Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to help my mom cook.  We would experiment with different cuisines and ingredients, which got me more and more comfortable in the kitchen leading up to my teens.  We never followed recipes but rather a dash of this and a dash of that.  My mom always knew if it needed more salt, or pepper or lemon etc. just by tasting food and that’s partly how I cook now so it’s a struggle for me to write recipes sometimes as they always turn out better with just my instincts rather than measuring spoons.  I get that isn’t an ideal cooking style for many so I try to make all of my recipes adaptable to your taste buds and that’s how it should be! Recipes are a base guideline for you to follow but to taste and adapt as you see fit.  As I got older, I realized that I wanted to share my passion for food and health with others and help them reach their optimal self too. This brings us to today.  I am so grateful for this platform and all the things I get to share with all of you! To expand my knowledge even further, I have enrolled in a local Holistic Nutritionist diploma program here in British Columbia.  So far I am loving it and I’m so excited to see what I learn and where this passion will continue to take me.  I really believe in fuelling our bodies properly with whole, real foods rather than packaged foods the majority of the time.

I think I should explain the name “Balancing Andie”.  Firstly, a friend of mine gave me the nickname ‘Andie’ a few years ago and no one ever really called me anything other than Andrea so it just kind of stuck and had a nice ring to it! Andie-Andrea, feel free to call me whatever you’d like! Secondly, my ultimate goal in life is to live a balanced one.  There will always be different things pulling you in every which direction, obstacles, millions of things to do, ups and downs but that’s just life.  Some days you will be super productive, happy and on cloud 9 and other days you will struggle, doubt yourself and wonder what you are doing with your life! That’s OKAY! If you have a solid foundation of overall wellness between fitness, your relationship with food and your mental health/ self love, those setbacks won’t affect you for too long when they do come around.  It’s so important to pay attention to your inner self and what makes your heart and soul truly happy. Often times, we just accept our reality as what it will be like all the time but that’s not the case.  If you have the fire inside you to make changes, you can make your dreams manifest into reality.  I’m so happy that you are joining me as I learn how to live and maintain a happy balanced life ♥.

I hope this helps you to know me a little better.  Please feel free to reach out to me via the form on my ‘Contact’ page or by email by clicking here.

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