Easy 3 Ingredient Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream

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Do you know how much it sucked being told that I was allergic to cow-dairy? A whole heck of a lot! I thought I could NEVER survive without that stuff.  I really felt like ignorance was bliss.  I was always nauseous or feeling “off”.  So when I went to my Naturopath, she told me to cut it out of my diet for 60 days and then slowly reintroduce certain products and see how they made me feel.  Well you know what I did before I started that “detox”? I ate every cookie, yogurt, ice cream bar, white chocolate covered raisin in sight!! (spoiler alert, that didn’t help my cause).

I finally put my big girl pants on and decided to commit to it.  It’s was only 60 days and if I was going to cheat, I may as well not bother trying this thing.  You know what I learned the most during these 2 months?  That dairy is in everything… Seriously – if you start reading labels, it’s literally in everything in some form or another.  I guess this is when my mentality changed and I began reading labels more closely.  I used to just care about calories, never the actual ingredients.  Well, over time, I learned that it wasn’t the end of the world and that there were great alternatives out there!  I am okay with goat/sheep milk so sometimes I have that for things such as yogurt but I prefer to mostly consume plant-based dairy alternatives.  The way I felt after cutting out dairy was life changing.  The bloat on my stomach was gone.  I literally lost a few pounds (not the goal) of bloat.  I didn’t even know I was bloated since I always had it in my system!!

This whip was a game changer for my family and I.  I top all my desserts with it such as apple pie or brownies.  It keeps great in the fridge for a few days so you’ll be in heaven all week. It has a delicious coconut-ey flavour and I always get so many oo and ahh(s) at dinner when the dessert is accompanied with this.  It’s also RIDICULOUSLY easy if you have planned for it in advance.  Now that this is my go-to recipe, I always keep a can in the fridge.  So, without further rambling, check out the recipe & give it a try 🙂 , even if you’re not dairy free, this stuff is ahhh-mazing!

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